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At Cristiano Health + Fitness it’s our goal to teach you to embrace a lifelong practice of health.

We believe well programmed training paired with individualized nutrition is the key to being in good health. We teach clients to move better by using practical training methods—resulting in healthy and happy bodies for a better quality of life.


Maddie Cristiano is the founder of Cristiano Health + Fitness. After 8 years of working in the industry as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and holistic nutritionist, she chose to create a space that reflects her vision of health. Maddie’s enthusiasm and passion for educating clients transcends to those around her, making the journey to better health fun and inspiring. With a personal interest in Olympic weightlifting, strength training and free flow movement, Maddie is fueled by the connection to body, mind and spirit. She believes that every day is an opportunity for strength and growth.

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Personal & semi private training

Personal training and/or semi private training sessions are a great place to start because you will get coached through a program that is specifically designed to meet your individual needs and goals. We offer a starter package for first time trainees. By working one-on-one or in small groups it gives you an opportunity to build a base of knowledge and body awareness to prepare for group fitness. Contact us to learn more about one-on-one and semi private training. 

fascial stretch therapy


small group training

Our small group training includes strength and conditioning classes, early morning bootcamps and animal flow classes. All classes are designed to have a mobilizing warm-up, a metabolic element along with experienced coaching. Click here to view our weekly schedule. 





semi-private training

$1130.00..................... 10 session package

$2035.00.................... 20 session package


Individual Training

$905.00..................... 10 session package

$1695.00 .................. 20 session package

*Expires 1 year after purchase



$125.00....................... Single session

$1100.00................................... 10 session package

*10 session package expires after 1 year. 



CLass passes

$20.00....................... Drop-in class

$150.00................................... 10 class pass

*10 class pass expires after 3 months


Q: What makes CH+F different than other gyms?

A: At Cristiano Health + Fitness we believe that good vibes build an amazing tribe. At the studio we focus on creating a happy and supportive community, where training equates to a good time. We believe that by offering high quality programs in the form of personal training and group fitness, we create an experience that will keep you inspired and consistently moving towards your goals. 

Q: Do I need to be in shape to attend SMALL GROUP TRAINING?

Nope. We have a very inclusive mentality at the gym and happily provide services that cater to those who are just beginning as well as to those who are looking to ramp it up.

Q: What do you mean when you talk about functional movement training?

A: In order to create a resilient body that moves with ease you must train patterns that are needed to perform everyday tasks. Using various forms of strength training, mobility work and smart cardio is how we create a body that is built to last. For example, tying your shoes, putting something away in the highest cupboard, getting up from the ground, carrying heavy grocery bags, lifting up your child or grandchild, getting yourself out of bed in the morning, and, not to be crass, but being able to sit on the toilet and stand back up after you’ve done your “business” is something that can become very challenging over time if we’re not practicing healthy i.e. functional movement patterns.

Q: I really want to lose weight, will joining CH+F help me do that?

A: We love helping clients feel comfortable in their skin! We believe that the best way to shed unwanted body fat is through nutrition along with some lifestyle changes. Although exercise is an important piece when it comes to obtaining your desired physique, eating a nutrient rich diet that supports hormonal balance is key when it comes to fat loss. Check out our monthly nutrition workshops, where you can learn about what to eat and why. Or book a one-on-one consultation with one of our nutritional practitioners.

Q: I know what works for me for fitness and it looks like this… 

A: Firstly, we are aware that that is not a question, but we hear that statement so often, we thought this would be a great way to address it. There are lots of different programs out there to achieve optimal health, but if a person is aware of everything that works for them but is still in a constant state of discontent with their body and health, we have to ask, IS what they believe works for them actually working for them? All we ask is that you come in with an open mind and an attitude to learn. We find that we are able to successfully teach our clients and broaden their horizons when they let us. This is how we help you, help yourself.


Small Group Training Schedule


6:30am Bootcamp




6:30pm Strength & Conditioning 


6:30am Bootcamp




6:00pm Animal Flow


10am Strength & Conditioning


Tel: (647) 302 1311

Cristiano Health + Fitness is located at 1386 Gerrard Street East, Toronto

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